Missouri can beat Alabama in the SEC Championship game

4:03 pm Nov. 30, 2014

Five things we learned as we head to Championship Weekend:

1) Missouri can beat Alabama: Let me say up front that I’m picking No. 1 Alabama (11-1) to beat Missouri (10-2) in the SEC Championship game on Saturday (4 p.m, CBS) at the Georgia Dome. But if you think it’s going to be a walk in the park for the Crimson Tide, then you haven’t been paying attention to the Tigers.

Can Georgia now focus on Georgia Tech? If not, Bulldogs get beat

6:19 pm Nov. 28, 2014

Our Five Burning Questions about the SEC as November draws to a close:

1)  Georgia learned Friday that it is not going to the SEC championship game. Will there be a letdown or a lack of focus against Georgia Tech?  Let’s put it this way: If Georgia (9-2) lacks focus against Georgia Tech (9-2) the Bulldogs are going to get beat. Remember that the Georgia defense that played so well against

New CFP rankings are set up for a very intense finish

7:53 pm Nov. 25, 2014

With only one team in the CFP Top 10 losing last week (Ole Miss), no changes at the top were expected when the new rankings were released Tuesday night.

There weren’t. The top seven from a week ago stayed the same. But this much is clear: The final two weeks of the regular season are going to be intense.

Here is a look at the new CFP Top 10 and what it

Friday is going to be a big, big day

2:35 pm Nov. 23, 2014

What we learned on the Saturday before Thanksgiving:

1) Friday is going to be a significant day: Games on the Friday after Thanksgiving traditionally bring good ratings and that will certainly be the case this Friday as the winners of both the SEC East and the Pac-12 South will be decided.

At 2:30 p.m. on CBS, Missouri (9-2, 6-1 SEC) hosts Arkansas (6-5, 2-5), one of the hottest teams in the country.

Can Mizzou win 10th straight on road? Georgia sure hopes not

3:23 pm Nov. 20, 2014

The SEC schedule looks a little thin with only three conference games and five non-conference games that probably won’t be competitive. Still, some big things could happen:

1) Can Missouri win its 10th consecutive game on the road? Missouri (8-2, 5-1 SEC) needed 589 total yards and a goal line stand on its 1-yard line to beat Texas A&M 34-27 at College Station. If the Tigers win at Tennessee (5-5, 2-4)

Alabama jumps to No. 1; Miss. State only falls to No. 4

8:03 pm Nov. 18, 2014

There were two big questions in search of answers Tuesday night when the College Football Playoff selection committee released its fourth set of rankings:

Who would be the new No. 1 after Mississippi State lost at Alabama?

How far would Mississippi State fall?

Answers: Alabama and No. 4.

Alabama used its 25-20 victory against Mississippi State to jump from No. 5 to No. 1 in the new rankings followed by Oregon and undefeated Florida

Sorry Florida State, but Alabama is No. 1

4:49 pm Nov. 16, 2014

What we learned on another crazy Saturday:

1) Sorry, Florida State, but Alabama is No. 1.: I heard from a bunch of Florida State fans who were not happy last week when Oregon jumped the Seminoles into the No. 2 spot in the CFP Rankings. Well, FSU fans are really not going to be happy this week because I think Alabama is going to jump over the Seminoles into the top

Can Alabama beat No. 1 again? What is the X-factor in Georgia-Auburn?

8:52 am Nov. 13, 2014

Our Five Burning Questions about the SEC with four Saturdays left in the regular season:

1) Can Alabama beat No. 1 again? Mississippi State (9-0, 5-0) has been No. 1 for five weeks in a row, but the Bulldogs are a seven-point underdog at No. 5 Alabama (8-1, 5-1). One reason is that Alabama rarely loses at home (39-3 since the 2008 season, Nick Saban’s second as head coach. In that

Oregon jumps to No. 2; TCU jumps Alabama to No. 4

8:26 pm Nov. 11, 2014

With No. 3 (Auburn), No. 7 (Kansas State), No. 8 (Michigan State), and No. 10 (Notre Dame) all losing last week, there was some major reshuffling when the new College Football Playoff rankings were released Tuesday night. Some random thoughts about where we are with four Saturdays left in the regular season:

The biggest debate of the week was how to evaluate TCU and Baylor of the Big 12. Baylor (8-1)

We thought it would be a wild day, and it was

4:10 pm Nov. 9, 2014

What we learned on Saturday:

1) We thought  it would be a wild day and it was: With each of the seven teams ranked 4-10 in the CFP rankings playing ranked opponents , something had to give. And it did:

No. 3 Auburn was stunned by unranked Texas A&M 41-38.
No. 7 Kansas State was manhandled by No. 6  TCU (41-20).
No. 8 Michigan State could not handle the speed and athleticism of  No.